Train to Learn

Coaching for beginning golfers designed to develop the FUNdamentals, scoring mindset and skills to enjoy training and playing the game of golf.

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Dollar Putt

Lay a dollar on the green and move around different distance and directions and challenge your golfer to stop their ball on the dollar to win it. Hours of entertainment and they will learn they need a perfect read, distance and direction.


Small Group Coaching for boys and girls ages 7-11

Designed for new golfer looking to have fun, learn the five basic shots in golf and much more. 


I've helped 1000's of golfers pick up the game including kids, ladies, business professionals and all walks of life, it is what makes my job fun!


Learn the FUNdamentals of the five core shots starting from the hole and working our way back.

 1. Putting

2. Chipping- low running shot with more air than roll

3. Pitching- equal air and roll or more air than rol

4. Full Swing

5. Driving

Cone drill to help golfers understand their face and path. 


I have worked with some of the best coaches around the world and have a number of games, assessments and drills we customize for each golfer. 

We may use SNAG Golf equipment and AlmostGolf Balls to simulate hole around the practice facility.

Starting Out Right

We created the Golf Achievement Progressive Golf Training System starting golfers off at 25-yards until they can consistently make a four or less. We then move them back 25-50 yards until they advance back to the regular tees. 


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Deer Run Golf Club

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Schedule and Tuition

No Obligation Trial Session, if you like it, the fee will be rolled into your first package.

Drop in rate $25

Four credits $90

Five + Credits $20/session. On-line passes available on-line starting at $80/month. 

Saturdays 3-4pm, Thursdays 8-9am

Credit is for one small group session or 15-minute private lesson.

If you have a group of four or more, please call Brad at 952/401-4653 to schedule a customized time.

Looking for a fun game to play with your kids to get them hooked on golf? Try this!

4 Reason Why Parents Choose Us

Simple and Flexible Scheduling

Call or text Brad at 952/401-4653. Schedule on-line.

Fun Games, Drills and Exercises

Get the right mix of games to develop target awareness, drills to develop club awareness and exercises to develop body awareness.

Student Centered

Year round coaching with personalized improvement programs in a small group environement.

Scoring Mindset

Develop a routine to know what to think about before, during and after a shot. And howto be a good teammate.

Get Them Playing!

Have you ever wondered how to introduce a child or new golfer to the game of golf? Let's face it, we need to find ways to make golf fun and friendly. We need to evolve! I have developed a simple system that can be used on any course. I've used system since 2013 to train my four kids and it is fun and engaging, it is called, The Golf Achievement Progressive Golf System.

I highly recommend the first time out, letting your new golfer play until they lose interest, which may be one hole, three holes, five holes or nine holes. If you want your child to hate the game, take them out for 18-holes! If they can play nine holes, I recommend using my system to progress your new golfer.

Here is how it works:

⦁ Start a golfer from 25 to 50-yards for three holes and if they can shoot 12 or less they progress to the next level or back 50-yards until they get to the regular tees. 

⦁ Next goal is to play five holes in 20 strokes or less from 100-yards.

⦁ Progress through the levels above. If there are par three’s shorter than recommended distances, let them play from the front tees when possible.

As your child progresses and has manageable goals, they get in the game!

I've introduced my daughter and son, who qualified for the US Kids World Championships shooting 43 in a tournament as a 7 year old, 78 as a 9-year old for 18-holes, and his best score is -4 32 for 9-holes. The GAME system works and is fun!

Did you know that Bluff Creek offers $1 for hole for adults and kids play free after the last tee time? No tee time necessary and it is a first come, first serve program.